Welcome to Miss Donna's Place!
                                          Welcome to Miss Donna's Place!

Our parents' thoughts...

"Miss Donna’s Place is everything childhood should be: being out in nature, chasing frogs, using your imagination, and believing in magic. All three of our boys have had the chance to attend Miss Donna’s and it will always be a magical place for them. Where else is the forest filled with fairies and gnomes that leave behind gifts? Our children always came home bubbling over with stories of the treasure they had dug up on the beach, the fish they caught, the turtles they saw hatch, the crabs they had found and other adventures. At the same time they created beautiful artwork using the many things they found in their travels. Miss Donna’s is truly a one-of-a-kind experience and Donna treats each child like her own and is someone my kids will always adore."

Alyson A.

"I just wanted to send a little note to let you know how much we have loved and appreciated all that you have done and do for our kiddos. It truly is the most magical place in Hingham - where I know my kids will have memories for a lifetime. We look forward to a long relationship with Miss Donna’s Place as our boys and family grow."

Audra B.

"My kids both adored Miss Donna's Place! There really is no other place like it, and the few years they spent taking classes and going to camp there helped cultivate their love of animals,nature and art. Being able to walk nature trails and search for frogs and stumble upon gnomes and fairies, the elaborate and imaginative art projects  - it was such a refreshing and creative place where kids can explore and curiosity is fostered.  It was an experience that they will never forget! They still talk about their time there!!"

Allison M.

"Miss Donna’s was an incredible experience for both of my daughters, Izzy and Katie Whitlock. Donna introduced my daughters to “learning through nature” and enhanced their creativity in the most special way. I am so grateful for Miss Donna and her amazing teaching. Our “spirit fairies” still watch over our house! Thank you Miss Donna for all you have done for our community." 

Tory W.

"I am writing on behalf of my entire family who has supported Miss Donna’s place as long as we have been in Hingham (children ages 13,11, and 9) all three of our children spent at least two years apiece in the program. It was an integral part of their development as independent learners in among other things, art and science. In Donna’s care, my children flourished. They felt safe, loved and nurtured; they were able to grow in ways the traditional classroom simply did not accommodate. Donna sparked their interest and curiosity in their environment, and was always in contact with us during their classes. She was flexible with our needs, and truly became a huge part of our kids lives. I am still in contact with Donna, and I support both her and her wonderful school! 

Robbin R.


"As a mother of three children, with a full time job, I was so happy to have found Miss Donna's Place as an afternoon activity for my kids not long after I moved to Hingham. Donna was able to keep all three of my kids happy and engaged and provided transportation for my kids from school and back home - a blessing to any busy mom!

My daughter and two sons spent years with Donna doing nature walks, creating beautiful pieces of art, watching the birth and growth of several animals (allowing us to care for turtles and rabbits along the way) and building an appreciation for all that nature has to offer!

My kids have sadly outgrown Donna's program, but there are lessons that linger and artwork on our walls that remind me often of what a special program Donna offers. Many thanks!"
Melissa F.


"I can say nothing but fabulous things about my family’s experience at Miss Donna’s Place. Having a very creative and crafty daughter I was at a loss channeling her energy. Donna not only provided the guidance and outlet to foster my daughter’s inventive side but all the mess stayed there! The “Spirit Fairies” my children made with Donna still have prominent spots in our house. Miss Donna is that special teacher that makes little ones BE little ones and believe in magic!”

Holly S.


"Miss Donna's programs were a refreshing alternative for my children here in Hingham. Her enthusiasm, creativity, flexible and kindness shows thru in all aspects of her programs. My children still to this day, ask if they can go back and help or participate. We still have our spirit masks hanging up in our home along with the kid's spirit fairies."

Kristen C


"Miss Donna’s place gave my kids some of the old- time child experiences that came so freely when I was growing up but no longer exist today. Playing in nature, using imagination and being creative using friends and nature as tools. Thank you Donna Ward!!!"

- Molly S.

"Miss Donna is an amazing woman who took care of both of my kids.  She showed them great things in the outdoors and brought art to a new level.   She was always loving and kind.  The end of the year carnival was the most special child event we have ever been to. Calm and controlled with parents and kids enjoying every minute.  Thank you Miss Donna! 
❤- Betsy M.

"I am writing in absolute full support and love of Miss Donna's Place. I have known Donna Ward for six years, as both my daughter and son attended her nature program and summer camp for four consecutive years each.  In that time when my children were enrolled in Donna's program, I have watched both of my children mature remarkably, growing into incredibly responsible little people, gaining an intelligence and receptivity that I hold Donna Ward solely responsible for beautifully cultivating.

My children began to gain such confidence, which came from Donna's teachings of always encouraging her students to ask questions, and to not be satisfied until they are sure that they have all the information they want or need. She finds that curiosity in a child is an ideal trait, and her students learned that in spades.

Donna has the ability to help children access their creative resources and energy like I have never seen. I unequivocally recommend Miss Donna's Place to all and any families. She and her program are incredibly special to me.

Thank you Donna!"

- Lindsay B.  

"Miss donnas place is special and essential to any Hingham kids development and childhood. She teaches everything we as humans all should; her focus being curiosity and appreciation for the environment and all living beings great and small. AND she does all those art projects you’d never want to see in your home with a smile....my kids would live with her if presented the opportunity!"

- Ashley W.  

"My two children both attended Miss Donnas Place for 2 years each.  Miss Donna provided a very unique and exciting experience for my children that was not offered anywhere else in our community.  They always came home with such excitement in telling me what their latest adventure with Miss Donna was that day.  Crafts, walking through nature trails, working on their ABC books, feeding animals, just to name a few.

I always admired Donna for her energy and absolute love she had for what she was doing.  It was never just a job..she truly enjoyed every aspect of giving our children a magical place to not only play, but to learn and grow.

I learned a lot too from Donna, not just my children.  Everyone is running around in 50 directions today and a place like Donnas helps us all realize what’s most important in life..our children.  Their need to explore and experience life outside of homework and a typical classroom setting.   This is the type of program that is so necessary in today’s world of technology.  It’s truly a magical place that me and my children miss being a part of and will always have fond memories of going there."

- Cyndi S.

"My two children started going to Miss Donna's Place during the fall of 2016. Nearly a year later, I can't say enough about how absolutely amazing Miss Donna is as a person and how well run and thoughtful her programs are. First, she personally caters to the needs of every family who joins her program.  My husband and I both work full time in Boston and our schedules are constantly changing.  It amazes me that with one text from me she is able to accommodate any schedule change.  This is incredibly helpful for busy parents.  

Second, the creativity that she inspires in children is becoming a lost art.  My children are happy, dirty, and tired everyday when they leave Miss Donna's program and that is exactly what I want for them -- to be outside and free to discover and explore.  Miss Donna is exceptionally patient and has a quiet way of handling any special situation with care and sensitivity.  My son needed a little extra help learning how to join groups and play with his peers and Miss Donna was completely on board in providing him the environment to build these skills. 

To sum it up, we feel lucky to be apart of the MDP family. Thank you."

Brooke C.

"All three of my children have been students at MDP over the years and... have come home from MDP, bursting to tell our family about fairies and gnomes, frogs and turtles and all things magical and real.
Donna and her staff are amazing with the kids."

- Sarah C.

"It's impossible to say enough about how amazing and unique Miss Donna’s Place is and how much Miss Donna has done for our children.   She has enriched their lives in so many ways - through art, exploration, imagination, community service, education, and more.  She has helped cultivate a wonderful appreciation for nature and all living creatures on earth.  Her energy is never-ending and her passion for what she does cannot be matched.  She has a natural and warm style of communicating with the kids – I am always amazed at how she captivates their attention  - they are always learning and always having fun.  

Our children have done countless activities over the years, and without question, Miss Donna’s Place has always been one of their favorites.

- Wendy S.

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