Welcome to Miss Donna's Place!
                                          Welcome to Miss Donna's Place!

2019 Fairy Naming Ceremony will be televised several times between 12/23 and 12/27.  Open schedule below.

2019 Fall Festival - Nov 23

2019 Gnome and Fairy Homes!!!

Salamanders and Nature Trail!! 

9/12/18  Feeding the goats

9/11/18  Mud Kitchen!

9/7/18  Turtles!

5/29/18  Turtle Eggs!

5/29/18  Frogs and Snakes at our Outing at Brewers Pond!

5/23/18  Frog Hunting!

5/14/18  Moss Hunting!

5/9/18  The Herring are Running!!!


4/10/18  Our little QUAILS are hatching!

1/24/18  Our adventures to Brewers Pond to look at winter happenings.  Discoverd fallen tree with loads of fungus doing its job to decompose tree by turning it into dirt

#1 10/20
#2:  10/16
#3-6:  10/17

#1: 10/16  Video:  Goats - Funny moment at MDP!
#2:  10/17  Egg Case from Praying Mantis.  We will watch and wait to see these hatch in the Spring!

#1-#3:  10/13  Catching bunnies in the yard.  A process for all to get involved in!
#4-#6:  10/13 Elise, Connor, Lucy

10/12  Thank you parents for funds raised at last spring's Fairy Party, which were used to build our new Wetlands Look-Out Tower!  

#1:  10/11 VIDEO:  Mating praying mantis on MDP Nature Trail.  Such a rare treat to see!
#2-#3:  10/11  Ben found his own praying mantis

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