Welcome to Miss Donna's Place!
                                          Welcome to Miss Donna's Place!

​Typical Schedule

Morning Program  8:45am - 11:30am

Morning session runs from 8:45am -11:45am with children having a lunch at Miss Donna's Place.   

Morning Circle  
Designed to greet and allow children casual and relaxed entry into the day.  There is always some game or activity being played during this time.  Children join in the circle as they arrive. Once everyone (or most everyone) has arrived, we discuss what activities will be planned for the day, as well as annouce who the "helpers" will be for the day.

Morning Activities
Typically includes a craft related to our monthly unit of study and designated play spaces for small group work.

Snack 9:45am 
Snack is usually something healthful, with several choices available. 
After Snack
We finish morning projects, and weather permitting, we will go outside to play group games or walk the wetland nature trail.  We will often have field trips to local ponds or parks to study or collect flora and fauna from the habitat.

Lunch 11:00am 
Students should bring a bag lunch.

After Lunch
We usually have time for "show and tell" and a story before heading off to the bus stops.

Morning Program Dismissal 11:45am
Students should be picked up by 11:45am, unless other arrangements have been made for transportation. Children attending PRS, East and South School will be put on a bus at a designated bus stop approved by the transportation department, if requested by parent(s).
Afternoon Program  11:45am - 2:30pm
Afternoon session runs from 11:45am - 2:30pm with children having a lunch at Miss Donna's Place.   The afternoon activities follow the same basic routine as the AM schedule.
Lunch 11:45
Students traveling from other programs will have lunch at Miss Donna's Place upon arrival should bring a bag lunch. All students are welcome to eat here if desired.  A healthful snack is provided for each session.
Afternoon Program Dismissal:  2:30pm
Students should be picked up promptly at 2:30pm, unless drive home service has been arranged.

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