Welcome to Miss Donna's Place!
                                          Welcome to Miss Donna's Place!
Click to see this video of Miss Donna and children build a Gnome/Fairy Home

I hope you and your child enjoy this project.  They have really been looking forward to having a Gnome or Fairy  come live at their house.

Is your child's OWL project in your window?
The OWL your child brought home should be placed in a window facing out, so any nocturnal Gnomes and Fairies that happen to be walking by your house will see it in your window and know your home is a safe place for them to be looking for a new fall home.

Has your child built their Gnome/Fairy home?
Enclosed in your child’s House Building Kit are many items that your child may use in building their Gnome/Fairy home outdoors.  Feel free to use other objects your child may find in your yard, as this should be a completely inspirational and imaginative project for your child.  In the cold weather, your child may create an indoor home and move their Gnome/Fairy inside to a special place of your child’s choosing.

On my website under Projects tab - Gnome/Fairy Home, there is a short video of me making a Gnome/Fairy home with the children.  The children and I have been practicing making Gnome/Fairy home in the woods and whatever they create is completely acceptable, there is no right or wrong.  It is just an imaginative process for them to create a home to attract their Gnome or Fairy.

Does Miss Donna know you are ready for your Gnome or Fairy?
Once your child has made their home and placed nuts and food items to attract a Gnome or Fairy to come, please let me know and I will “secretly” place a Gnome or Fairy in their backpack or lunch box so you may “secretly” place it in your child’s home.  The
Gnome or Fairy will come home with a special letter addressed to your child, which you should place in the home along with the Gnome or Fairy. (The children decided ahead of time, what they are attempting to attract)

Correspondence between your child and their Gnome or Fairy
Feel free to write notes that are either "from your child to the Gnome/Fairy" or written "from the Gnome/Fairy to your child".  This correspondence with your child is a great way to build empathy, teach respect for the environment, teach skills in caring for beings other than themselves, etc.  Past parents have used the Gnomes and Fairies as a means to encourage their child to complete chores, help their child understand responsibility, help with sharing, etc.  These written notes to your child can have endless possibilities!

Sometimes, your Gnome or Fairy will leave a small gift for your child
Children are encouraged to feed their Gnomes/Fairies and in return the Gnomes/Fairies will often leave them little gifts… hint, hint.  A small stone, shell, treat, etc., will go a long way in helping this relationship blossom.  Along with your child's Gnome/Fairy, I will send home a special "gift" that you may either present initially or wait a couple of days to keep the magic moving. 

Nut Collection
All of the nuts enclosed in your child's kit are suitable for Gnome/Fairy munchy food.  We have been collecting these over the past weeks, so please ask your child the names of the nuts we have collected, because they are very plentiful right now in our yards, neighborhoods and local parks.  Feel free to remove the nuts, and replenish with items that are favorable to what your child's Gnome/Fairy prefers.  Each Fairy/Gnome will come home with a special note describing their favorite food items, which can be replenished at any time.  Feel free to remove the food items and replenish as needed to keep the magic alive.  

The Gnome Home Photo Book
Please forward a photo of your child with their Gnome/Fairy and Gnome/Fairy Home, which I will post to my website for all children and families to view.  (Please look at some of the homes created last year)  Click here

Have Fun!

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