Welcome to Miss Donna's Place!
                                          Welcome to Miss Donna's Place!

Art & Projects

Owl Project

Owls have a special significance to Gnomes and will be going home with your child's Gnome Home bag.

Gnome Home

All children will take part in this inspirational and imaginative project that begins at Miss Donna's Place
and ends in your home. 

Gnome Walking Stick 

This walking stick is a symbol to the purpose of the many things Gnomes do.  Each Strand is an example of the good deeds that Gnomes and humans do to keep the balance within all things, be it, nature, people, and the earth.  The Gnome Walking Stick is a symbol of your journey of becoming a caregiver to yourself, the earth, your family and community. 


We work with each child individually to bring “their” 
vision of their mask to life!  We also learn about the 
history of masks around the world and how different 
cultures used them in their ceremonies and rituals.

Spirit Fairies

Returning studens will work on "Spirit Animals"

Fairy Houses

Begins in the Spring

ABC Books & Boards

Year-long project

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